Three Fitness Programs, One Philosophy. Find your Core.



To create an inspiring community where everyone can share the gift of health, fitness, and a mindful way of life.

Our Studio:

Core Cycle is a family owned and operated boutique studio which directly reflects a community effort designed by our clients. We create an inspiring community where everyone can share the gifts of health and fitness in a mindful way. We aren't just a workout facility, we are a community. We cater to your personal fitness needs, desires, and goals through highly motivational music, very experienced and creative instructors, and first-class amenities.




Studio & Amenities:

Core Cycle Studios is located in Timonium Crossing. The studio offers heart-pumping and body changing workout experiences that enable you to achieve new fitness levels.

Other Amenities Include:

  • Two beautiful studios rooms

  • Private bathrooms with showers

  • Towel service

  • Spa amenities

  • Lockers


Heather Chilcot

In her most recent role, Heather served as Vice President of Marketing and Communications for a nationwide healthcare organization. She was responsible for directing all communication and marketing strategies for the organization.  After working in the healthcare industry for more than eight years, she decided to take a leap to build a brand that channels her effervescent spirit.  

While raising two daughters alongside her husband, she has found ways to be disciplined with her own personal health. Heather trained and was certified in Spinning® and Insanity in 2016. She enjoys classes focused on interval training, cycle, barre, and yoga. She recognizes that the discipline of working out on a consistent basis offers much joy and has a tremendous positive influence. 

Heather believes that group exercise should deliver an experience that is moved by internal training, motivation, and inspiration. Inspired by cycle instructors and other studio designs, Heather has decided to blend her love for fitness, a healthy lifestyle, and her passion for business into a career to introduce CORE CYCLE STUDIOS.