High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Prepare yourself for the next generation of cardio training. Use your body weight, a few small exercise props, and a creative routine to crush your personal best and complete cardio and strength challenges that demand your everything. Our high-intensity interval training will build coordination, core strength, and balance. Our expert instructors deliver dynamic HIIT experiences that are intense, challenging, ramp up your metabolism, and ignite your energy. You will never spend another hour like this.



Benefits of HIIT:

  • Creates maximum health benefits in minimal time. 

  • Challenges both cardio and strength in the same class.

  • Increases metabolic rate for hours after exercise supporting a lasting calorie burn even after you've left the studio.

  • Demands Goal Setting. Regular attendees in the class have seen between 40-95% increase in strength; benchmarking your progress each month. 

  • Constantly changing. No two classes are ever the same, the freedom of HIIT allows diversity and intensity in each workout routines.


Let go of your limits and achieve your best body and health possible. Enjoy this calorie burning, high intensity class focused on cardio conditioning and athletic training. You will use your own body weight to sculpt and tone your muscles. A challenging class, but suitable for all fitness levels. Cross training shoes encouraged.