Core Cycle Studios barre classes are a low impact exercise and full-body workout using the ballet barre and light weights that combines small precise muscle movements and isometric holds to strengthen, sculpt, and ignite the body.

This targeted workout series ranging in 45-60 minute classes will give you a long, lean, frame and dancer’s body.

If you're new to the world of barre, we break down the basics in our Tuck Newbie classes. For serious barre buffs, we offer Tuck45, Tuck60, and Beyond Barre classes.



Here's what to expect from Tuck45, Tuck60, and Beyond Barre Classes:

  • A challenging, full-body workout.

  • Dynamic, invigorating programming.

  • Light weights and props for upper body training.

  • Planks, push-ups, squats, and core exercises.

  • Sculpted abs and legs, improved posture, and decreased stress.

Classes Offered


Core Tuck

Tuck is a targeted workout series. Get moving with a cardio warm – up that’ll burn calories, then take it to the barre for a focused and targeted session that will leave your core lean, toned, and strong.

Beyond Barre

BeyondBarre is a fun, yet intense exercise program that combines small precise muscle movements and isometric holds to strengthen, sculpt, and ignite the body. This fun fit class brings in all of the props; ball, bands, and weights. Your body will be given an extra challenge with the use of props!


Core Fusion (Cycle + Barre) 

Cycle Barre Fusion is a 75 minute, comprehensive, full body workout to help us exercise all the muscle groups. This high intensity cycle class is followed by a sculpting session. The class utilizes two studios rooms for the ultimate experience.

Community Barre

(45 Minute Barre Class) Whether you're local, new in town, or just passing through, you'll be sure to find this community barre class exciting. The classes are offered to everyone in our community for a reduced price.

Core Tuck (SoulBody Barre) 

SoulBody Barre is a more athletic approach to Barre Class. Modifications are offered throughout each exercise, so, this class can be for anybody and especially for runners and cyclists. You will exercise opposing muscle groups to ensure a whole body workout! The class is choreographed to motivating music that assures balanced movements on either side of the body... and helps push you through the burn!