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Sweat and Glow With Us!

January 16, Workshop $35 per session. 

90 minutes of BLISS.  This workshop combines the best of two worlds: you’ll start with a 45-minute vinyasa [SWEAT] session taught by Diana Van RYT200 and end with a 45-minute yoga nidra [GLOW] session taught by Tina Crandall E-RYT200. Bring up your heart rate as you move through a vinyasa class, synchronizing your breath with your movement as you fluidly move from pose to pose. Then sink into total relaxation as you stay in savasana and experience yoga nidra, a guided meditation-based relaxation technique that induces complete physical, mental, and emotional relaxation.  


Yoga Workshop Series

If you have been intimidated to start yoga in the past, this is your chance to get started! This workshop is suitable for absolute beginners as well as those wishing to get back to basics.   

  • Week #1 – child’s pose, Sun Salutations, standing poses
  • Week#2 – standing poses
  • Week #3 – seated poses, back bending poses
  • Week #4 – Put it all together: Vinyasa flow followed by reflection

Sunday, January 7, 14, 21,28 1:00 PM- 2:30 PM $35 per session.

Are you new to yoga? Have you tried doing yoga at home, but aren’t sure if you are doing it correctly? If you answered yes to these questions, then this  Yoga Workshop Series if for you. -- is a 4-week series, designed for students new to yoga, and want to learn the basics of a yoga practice. Each student will learn how to safely do yoga postures that are found in most classes. We will explore our optimal alignment, modifications and how props can support us during our practice, so you can feel confident stepping out of your shoes and onto the mat. These 90-minute classes are taught in a workshop format, with opportunities to play, practice, and ask questions.  


Headstands for Holidays

This all-levels two-part workshop series will teach you how to do a successful and safe headstand. The workshops will begin with mindful movement to build your internal heat and prepare your body for a headstand. Ali will take the time to break down specific parts of the practice in order to build your body awareness. Modifications for beginners and amplifications for those with more experience will be offered throughout.
In the first workshop 12/23, you will learn how to refine the basics of your practice to mentally and physically prepare your body to go upside down. Ali will be sharing some of her favorite drills to build the foundations of a headstand. From here Ali will go over the necessary precautions you need to take when doing headstands. The last part of the workshop will show you how to begin moving into and out of a headstand.
In the second workshop 12/30, you will be building on all of the skills and drills you previously learned. You will be spending more time upside down as Ali walks you through various headstand variations in order to find the ones that work best for your body. The final part of this workshop will be a discussion of the benefits of headstands.
Treat yourself to a new skill this holiday season!


Past Events


Private Session – Personal Training Available

Benefits of Personal Training:

  • Faster Results

  • Customized Muscle Gain
  • Establish strong exercise habits
  • Overcome exercise challenges

Book your appointment with our personal trainer, De Andre Wells, or private yoga instructor, Lauren Costa, for your private appointment.  Call the studio to book schedule your time.

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